Grip takes away all that routine

The routine work of retaking a photo (or renders) of a product for each country, each product type, every medium, every month or each update of the product line. It has a lot of potential to ease marketing logistics and free up more time and money for creative work.

Develop a brand for a b2b web platform
that provides automation of visual assets to multinational consumer brands.

My role: Brand lead, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Product Design.

It's made of plastic.

General branding concept was decided to make Grip wrapped around the product it was depicting. To be a transparent plastic bag for the Heineken beer bottle or L’Oreal skin-care lotion.

All around the product

Every time we showcase some of the features, the hero of the shot will be one of the great renders that we’ve got from Grip web-application. The rest of the interface and graphics should be only supplementary and reduced.

Video graphics

A geometric visual style based on primitive shapes was developed for those cases. Plain and simple shapes multiplicating to a very complex picture is a reference to the complexity of delivering every simple shot of a standing bottle, in a dazzling amount of variations for every aspect of marketing for the multinational brand.


Colours were picked with the same thought pattern and the idea
of a plastic and fabricated item.


Combined together with shapes, colours formed a distinctive visual feel and supported Grip’s identity as an asset factory.

That's all!

The web application itself took an incredible amount of UX&UI heavy-lifting. In general sense, it was a DAM Platform with image and 3d editing abilities. Whole application was built from scratch, with weekly customer feedback loops. Customers were randomly selected employees from Heineken and l’Oreal.