Soul, electrified.

I've been approached by Mediamonks Hilversum to conceive a promotional website for Porsche to help them boost pre-orders for their upcoming electric luxury sedan, the «Taycan».

The design should target consumers who are sensitive to brand-recognition and ‘having the best’ but also fulfill the needs of consumers who are looking for top-line specs, offering hooks into deeper sections of the experience.

Design a promotional website for desktop and mobile use-cases.

My role: Digital Designer.

Designing for automotive

Automotive industry is known to be conservative, long to change and settled on the brand image. In the recent years that situation has changed, however not as much as in fashion or FMCG.

First screens are an interactive teaser that hints the silhouette and Porsche logo. It perfectly works with WebGL particles, whilst hiding its cons: low polygon models.

More importantly Porsche addresses to a specific audience;Porsche owner is a college graduate, household income over $100,000, 85% male, and 15% female. The typical Porsche owner is 40 years old.

Aircraft cockpit

My idea was to pick the image that a middle aged person could quickly understand and engage in emotionally. Such image is a jet-fighter cockpit HUD instrumentation.

The center of the main screen is comprised of six most important performance features of the Taycan and narrates links to four most important pages of the website: technical specifications, look and feel, supercharge technology and custom built platform.

The interface and the image are responsive to mouse position or tablet and phone tilt.

800 volts

I've picked the agressive coloured imagery for the charging screen to give the energized and sparking feeling. As super fast charging with 800 volts running currents is not a joke, but a superior technology.

Tech. Specs page

As the user scrolls further, the car image becomes translucent and the website enters the "Tech.specs" part, immediately showing the dimensions and inviting to see more.

Upon rotating the model or clicking the arrows on the sides, we enter a loop comprising of three highlighted elements of the car, three USP’s activated as timer-line runs underneath them. The car is rotated freely by the user.

More details and feature explanations are available as you scroll down.

Environment tested

Another important feature of a german car: it is tested rigorously for all possible weather and pavement conditions the driver can expect to happen in.


For everyone who wants to buy an electric car, one of the most critical is the distance available at 100% charge. With this section we vividly show what is 500km distance one one charge.

The interior looks and remarkable assembly quality is essential for an automaker that has more than 100 years of history behind its shoulders.

That's it, i hope you've enjoyed.

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